Akshada PUPPAL

Designer & Architectural Technologist

B.Arch., Dipl. Arch. Tech., AT


Hometown:                           Pune, Maharashtra,India

Other Cities:                         Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

                                             Dubai, UAE

                                             Pittsburg, Kansas, USA

                                             Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Higher Education:                SAIT - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

                                             Savitribai Phule Pune University – Pune, India

                                             University of Pune – Pune, India


Akshada graduated with a professional degree in Architecture from the from University of Pune in 2013 and relocated to Saskatoon, Canada in 2016. She decided to upgrade her knowledge of architecture and moved to Calgary in 2018 via her studies at SAIT.  During this time she augmented her previous studies in architecture with more technical drawing skills.


In the past Akshada has worked on restaurant renovations and commission artwork in Saskatoon. While in India she had a special interest in sustainable architecture and did her thesis on climate responsive buildings.