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Location: Calgary, Alberta

Project Type: New Recreational Building

Completion: 2016

Owner: Osten & Victor Alberta Tennis Centre

Size: 6 650 square metres (71 600 square feet)

Site Area: 15 910 square metres (3.92 acres)

The Osten & Victor Alberta Tennis Centre is Alberta’s first tennis facility that meets Tennis Canada’s National-International standards for play.  The centre houses 8 indoor courts that are arranged along a central service spine housing changerooms, offices and reception functions.  Spectator viewing is provided from an elevated gallery that also features a gym and a restaurant. 


The internal aesthetics of the facility rely on the impressive volume of the space, and the interior is executed in a crisp, minimal colour palette.  The building shell itself is a pre-engineered structure with a simple gable roof.  This building form is true to itself and reflected the clients desire for a “machine for tennis” that did not include any ornamentation that was not directly related to the tennis play experience. 


The site plan also includes 5 outdoor courts and a parking lot.  Systemic designed an exterior mural for the building that covers 5 500 square feet of surface area, and also an interior donor wall.  The mural and donor walls designs are complimentary, and feature vector based designs that reference the visual cues of tennis play.  These include the court itself as an abstract element, as well as directional references to the tennis ball in flight.

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