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Location: Calgary, Alberta

Project Type: Commercial Façade Renovation

Completion: 2017

Owner: Barbecues Galore

Size: 40 metres lineal frontage (430 lineal feet)

This project involved selective demolition and replacement of an existing building façade to provide an updated street presence.  Originally constructed in the 1960s, the existing storefront had been previously renovated in the 1980s and was dated in appearance.


By reusing the existing wood framing Systemic utilized our client’s budget on upgraded finishes, rather than new structure.  Though the existing footprint was unchanged by the renovation, the executed design completely changed the aesthetic of the building.  The renovation also provided proper moisture and thermal protection for the building entrance.


The new entrance features a canted surface over the main doorway that is clad in a composite wood product.  New signage has been suspended off of this surface, creating a unique shadowline that changes throughout the day.  The material palette of brick and wood communicates warmth outwards to the street, a goal for the project that was important to the owner as a retailer of barbecues and fireplaces.

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