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Location:       Canmore, Alberta

Project Type: New Hospitality Building

Completion:  2017

Owner:          Basecamp Resorts

Size:              2 300 square metres (24 800 square feet)

Site Area:      2 740 square metres (0.58 acres)

Basecamp I is the first hospitality project by Basecamp Resorts.  Basecamp sought to create a unique hotel offering in downtown Canmore that would stand as a flagship concept for future developments.  The resulting concept incorporates several features that are not typically seen in Canmore’s hospitality sector.


The Basecamp I model provides stacked townhouse hospitality units without a central reception area. Check in is virtual, and the buildings function in a manner akin to a residential project, rather than a hotel.  The project is arranged around a central courtyard that provides access to the suites, with the buildings themselves protecting the courtyard from wind and weather.  A variety of suites are featured, from one bedroom micro-units to larger multi-level suites that can accommodate several guests. 


The interior design of the project is crisp and minimalist.  Interior and exterior aesthetics were designed in conjunction with Studio North, who functioned as the Primary Design Consultant for this project.  The exterior aesthetic of the building is based on a series of roof gables that reference the sawtooth nature of the adjacent mountain ranges.  Using these stylistic cues the project fits seamlessly within the local context.

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