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Location:       Canmore, Alberta

Project Type: Mixed Use Residential

Completion:   2018

Owner:           Basecamp Resorts

Size:              1 520 square metres (16 370 square feet)

Site Area:       2 370 square metres (0.58 acres)

The Base Camp II project was commissioned by Basecamp Resorts to provide a complimentary set of uses to the Basecamp I project previously designed by Systemic.  The project is located immediately adjacent to Basecamp I, and tying the two projects together into a single campus was a top priority for the design.


The building size and placement on the site is similar between the two projects.  However, the Basecamp II projects add variety through use of a simplified roof form with dormer elements, as opposed to the side-by-side gable approach of Basecamp I.  Located on the main floor of the project are commercial uses and private garages that are attached to townhouses on the upper levels.  Ten townhouse units occupy the upper two floors of the buildings, taking advantage of mountain views to the north and the south.


Rocky Mountain Bagel Co. anchors the main floor commercial area and fronts onto Bow Valley Trail.  The visually transparent treatment of the front of the building allows for this tenant to expose its seating area and bakery process to the pedestrian realm. 


In terms of material treatment the two projects are closely related, with a similar palette of stone and wood siding.  This approach closely follows the design guidelines of the Town of Canmore.  The project also conforms to recent changes to the Town of Canmore’s bylaw reducing setbacks on Bow Valley Trail.  Systemic’s design met the intent of these changes by providing a pedestrian friendly frontage directly on the sidewalk on Bow Valley Trail, a first for this area. 

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