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Location:         Calgary, Alberta

Project Type:   Hospitality Building Renovation

Completion:     2019

Owner:             Basecamp Resorts

Size:                 1 168 square metres (12 572 square feet)

Site Area:         1 840 square metres (0.45 acres)

The Bow Valley Motel in Canmore was renovated and rebranded as the Lamphouse Hotel in 2018. Located beside Policeman's Creek in the downtown core, it was composed of three separate buildings that form a courtyard occupied by patron parking, a public laundromat, and a hot tub deck.


Access to each unit was provided by an open exterior passageway that wraps around this central courtyard. Dramatic views of the surrounding water and mountains were made possible thanks to this original site orientation. 

The character of the hotel was defined not only by its dramatic views, but by its clever use of materials. A grey-blue stone extended from one of the buildings to form a landscaped wall that opens up to greet patrons as they arrive into the courtyard. The existing clapboard siding was painted dark grey to compliment the tones of the stonework. Existing wood timbers accents were refurbished and stained to add warmth and a sense of coziness to the project.

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