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Located in the recently developed community of Heartland in Cochrane, this townhouse project provides 20 buildings with 96 units for Birchwood Properties.  Located adjacent to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the project was designed to create view corridors that take advantage of its natural setting.

The unique site geometry and topography interfaces with five public roads in addition to the private internal roadway system to create an organic layout.  Through a variety of building sizes and configurations, three linear greenways run north to south in a series of landscaped fingers reaching across the site.  Grade manipulation and focused sightline analysis further break up the traditional straight runs of rowhouse product.  This was an important consideration in differentiating the project from other competing developments.  The site planning creates a series of pockets throughout the project where views are focused outwards towards the adjacent mountain range.

The architecture of the project conforms to the Town of Cochrane’s Western heritage guidelines.  Within the unites themselves modern colour palettes are coupled with modern, efficient floorplans.


Project Type:




Site Area:

Unit Count:

Number of Buildings:

Cochrane, Alberta

New Residential Buildings


15 435 square metres (163 730 square feet)

18 230 square metres (4.5 acres)



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