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Location:         Calgary, Alberta

Project Type:   Mixed Use

Completion:    2019

Owner:            Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Society

Contractor:      Chandos Construction Limited

Size:                6 445 square metres (69 400 square feet)

Site Area:        15 510 square metres (3.83 acres)

Centre 4800 is a complete reuse of a seven storey abandoned hotel building.  Originally constructed in the 1960s, the former hotel structure was in poor repair, and had been closed for several years.  The project reallocated 120 hotel rooms into 79 permanent residential suites.  The main floor and basement levels were repurposed from a conference centre and restaurant functions to amenity and program spaces for the building operator.  Residential suites are  offered in a mixed format between market and subsidized rents.


The project features substantial site upgrades, including a public plaza of over 600 square metres, and rehabilitation of the site edge adjacent to Nose Creek.  Main floor retail units are also included to create a truly mixed use project.  The roof and wall systems are to be completely replaced by re-cladding over the existing exterior block and concrete, substantially improving the thermal performance of the building.


The owner’s goal of creating a proper building envelope in a cost effective manner informed the aesthetic upgrades to the building.  A Kingspan panel system will be used to re-clad the exterior of the entire tower.  These panels are patterned with abstracted chevrons that reference the concepts of 20th century colour field artists.  This also serves to break up the façade of what is otherwise a fairly monolithic tower block. 

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