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Site Area:

Rocky View County, Alberta

New Recreation Building


The Glencoe Golf & Country Club
CANA Renew

295 square metres (3 175 square feet)

7 727 square metres (1.9 acres)

The Glencoe Golf & Country Club approached Systemic to create a project that would solve the owner's need to upgrade and expand their current turf care facilities. Our goal was to create a functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing building that would blend into the beautiful property that surrounds it.

The resulting design includes an insulate metal panel system for both the exterior walls and sloped roof, helping to produce a consistent appearance. The colour scheme for the panel system was chosen to match the existing structures on golf the golf course. The Culmination of materials on this project achieves a seamless transition on the land between the driving range and the The Meadows 9th green. 

The interior of the building was intentionally designed to be minimalistic. Given the extensive heavy-duty nature of landscaping maintenance, the industrial design and use of quality materials will ensure this building enjoys a lifetime of longevity. 

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