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Locations:            Calgary, Alberta

                             Edmonton, Alberta

Project Type:        Healthcare Tenant Improvement

Completion:          2014 & 2015

Owner:                 Homewood Health

Size:                     Calgary - 780 square metres

                             (8 400 square feet)

                             Edmonton - 775 square metres

                             (8 340 square feet)

The Homewood Health project provided two new mental health clinics in Calgary and Edmonton for a service provider headquartered out of Guelph, Ontario.  Both clinics are located in high-rise office buildings.  Homewood’s care model required floor plans that included counseling rooms, urinalysis rooms, and physical therapy rooms, as well as office areas and support spaces, arranged in a compartmentalized manner.   


Working with Holland Design as our interior designer, Systemic created a “closed loop” floor plan for each clinic that wraps around the building’s elevator core.  The program elements were laid out in a logical manner on this loop, with each clinic divided into front-of-house/back-of-house area. The aesthetics of the two clinics draw on the same approach and material palette.  Our goal for Homewood was to create a clean, crisp and focused counseling space.  There is very little clutter in within the design, and we believe that the spaces created are optimal for focus on the interaction between counselor and patient.  Special attention was paid to the acoustic separation between counseling rooms and corridors, and our design used a variety of STC rated wall and ceiling assemblies. 

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