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Location: Calgary, Alberta

Project Type: Restaurant Tenant Improvement

Completion: 2016

Owner: Kings Restaurant

Size: 180 square metres (1 900 square feet)

The Kings on the Hill project included a full teardown of an existing restaurant tenancy in a building located in Calgary’s “Brunch Belt” area on Edmonton Trail.  Systemic collaborated with Holland Design and the owners of Kings Restaurant to completely re-envision the space.  Kings is an existing Calgary restaurant institution, and its owners wanted to ensure that new restaurant reflected this heritage.  Our goal was to create a contemporary dining aesthetic that was fitting for the neighbourhood context, with a warm overall feel and colour palette. 


The resulting design included a refinishing of the original hardwood floors, new brick walls, and a wooden ceiling bulkhead that extends throughout the space as an organizing element.  Kings on the Hill includes a completely new service kitchen, loading, and office area.  Systemic also designed a new storefront window entrance to the restaurant that incorporated branding elements and graphics.

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