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Location:           Calgary, Alberta

Project Type:     Industrial Tenant Improvement

Completion:      2014

Owner:              Sanjel Energy Services

Size:                  1 095 square metres (11 800 square feet)

The Sanjel Simulator Lab included a complete teardown and renovation of a vacant automotive shop in the East Lake Industrial area.  A complexity of this project was the owner’s desire to turn a disused and worn shop space into a high-tech laboratory for drill rig training.  Technical challenges included the provision of a clean, dust free lab space and provision of a floor slab capable of supporting a 53 foot drilling rig simulator indoors. 


The completed project includes a large and small simulator lab, three classrooms, hotel office space, and changerooms.  Aesthetically, our design utilized a minimalist intervention in the space utilizing a monochrome colour scheme.  Our goal was to focus visual interest onto the Sanjel’s industrial equipment itself, which we found to be compelling as a focal point for the project.  The building shows off the simulator device itself and the multiple pieces of control equipment around it. 

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