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Project Type:




Site Area:

Northern Alberta

Single Family Residential


Private Client
566 square metres (6 095 square feet)

16 171 square metres (3.9 acres)

This project was a result of the loss of the previous dwelling on the property during the 2016 Fort McMurray Wildfire. Like many residents in the area, the owners were faced with a blank slate in terms of a rebuilding of what was previously a densely forested private acreage. Our clients in the is care were a family whom we had previously designed car dealerships and commercial buildings. 

Via their family heritage and extensive travels, the owners had become interested in historical housing styles from eras predating the Victorian period. At the start of the project, we explored with the owners, the benefits, relevance, and challenges of various historical revival styles. There was a high degree of interest in selecting a style that would not be foreign to Canada, and would also reflect the owner's heritage from the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

For this reason, the Georgian Revival style was selected and faithfully executed for this project. Our goal was to create a design that could plausibly stand as a Georgian Revival era construction, rather than a new-build project. In terms of the overall planning of the grounds and the house, the building follows the fundamental principles of the style. Centred around a formal, two storey entry, and the building is symmetrical about its central axis in two directions. The food preparation and functional areas of the building are located at its rear, and a separate coach house accommodates vehicles and building services.

The building detailing follows the chosen style in a very intentional way. Many aspects of the building are in fact architectural salvage, and several are over 200 years old, including hand carved stonework and metal pattress plates. This thinking continues into the interior of the space, which was created by Holland Design. 

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