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Location:            Calgary, Alberta

Project Type:      Restaurant Tenant Improvement

Completion:       2015

Owner:               Sauce Italian Market

Size:                   580 square metres (6 250 square feet)

This owner’s vision for the Sauce Italian Market combined a formal dining area with a deli, café, and Italian market in one location.  At over 6 000 square feet of floor area, a key component of the project was effectively dividing the space into a series of distinct areas for each function.  The floor plan was resolved to promote a natural flow throughout the space.  Quick purchases at the café bar and the deli counter are available in close proximity to the main entrance, while the formal dining area is located further into the space. 

Working with A Collaborative Design Group as the interior designer of the project, we created a different visual presentation and feel for each element.  The formal dining area features a rich wood palette for the floor and walls, and an intimate lighting strategy.  The front areas are more crisp and light, focusing attention on the products for sale.  Our goal with this area was to proudly display the café and deli equipment, and take advantage of their natural visual appeal.

The restrooms were a named finalist in September 2016 in ‘Canada’s Best Restroom’ contest.  Since the completion of the project, Systemic also assisted to adding an outdoor café to the restaurant.

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