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Grande Prairie, Alberta

Automotive Dealership

Summer 2020

Hansen Ford Lincoln
Eton West

6 270 square metres (67 490 square feet)

26 995 square metres (6.67 acres)


Hansen Ford Lincoln is one of the first Ford dealerships in Canada to be constructed using the new Ford Design Criteria Document.  This document is a generational shift for the Ford brand in terms of dealership architecture.  Key features of the design direction include showcasing Ford as a leader in new technology, alongside a welcoming customer experience.


A central design principle of this building is the floating curved wall which stretches 70 metres (230 feet) over the entire front face of the building, with a height of 11 metres (36 feet).  This curved wall is an ordering element for the front of the showroom, the entrance, and the service drive.  The showroom itself is a double-height space, allowing sales and finance offices to have a visual connection to the sales floor.  The balance of the building is composed of service bays and shop areas, with a total count of 20 bays.


In terms of it material characteristics, the shop areas were created using pre-cast concrete panels.  The main showroom area features aluminum composite panel and View Glass technology.  This glazing system allows for an automatic opacifying of the curtain wall in response to sun conditions.

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