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Airdrie, Alberta

New Retail Building


Melcor Development Ltd.

KOR ALTA Construction

3 167 square metres (34 087 square feet)

10 650 square metres (4.9 acres)

Located adjacent to the Kingsview Market development in Airdrie, this retail project features two tenancies that serve as anchors to the development and help establish a wide range of shopping opportunities for visiting patrons. 

Design emphasis is placed on the tenant entrances featuring long floating roof canopies that are suspended high overhead. Serving as an appropriate background to these entrances, other portions of the building display a more subdued massing and material articulation.

The tenant entrances are composed of glazing surrounded by the composed of glazing surrounded by expanses of smooth fibre cement panels, with recessed black trims, and painted to match the respective branding of the tenant. Large bump outs clad in traditional fibre cement lap board siding flank the entrance and support floating roof canopies above. A masonry band 2 feet above grade forms the backdrops these entrances. The combination of dark and light brown stucco extends up to the roof cornice.

The landscaping also contributes to the project by helping to establish a walkable retail frontage. Planting is located in strategic locations along the storefront in order to compliment the building facade, and to break up the contiguous parking stalls and concrete walkways. 

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