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Nordegg, Alberta



467 square metres (5 032 square feet)

Miners Crossing Phase 2 was a new build scenario to an ongoing development in the historical town of Nordegg, Alberta. This project expands on the existing commercial development, which currently includes the convenient store, Shell gas bar, and liquor store.  Phase 2 comprises of a new location for the Miner’s Café which previously existed within the Nordegg Museum and an artist gallery space for local vendors. The building is situated along the main commercial street (Stuart Street) that runs through the village of Nordegg, which has become a local hotspot for campers and travelers.

The design take inspiration from the historical building forms and materials located at the nearby Brazeau Collieries National Historical Site. The exterior finishes palette utilized simple but durable materials, including corrugated metal, durable lap siding and heavy timber features.

The building desing aligns with the architectural guidelines of Nordegg, whose goal is to maintain references to the historical industrial mine aesthetic.


The industrial aesthetic is revealed through the use of exposed wood and structural steel members within the building. Many of the structural connections are finished with exposed rustic fasteners.  The interior and exterior lighting was carefully chosen to compliment the industrial character of other building elements. Large exposed wood and steel girder trusses were constructed and detailed to present as a feature elements within the clerestory space running from north to south through the building.

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