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Caterina McNiven

Senior Architectural Designer

Dip. Arch.


Hometown:                   Caracas, Venezuela

Other Cities:                 Lima, Peru

Higher Education:        Central University of Venezuela

Caterina graduated with a professional degree in Architecture from the Central University of Venezuela in 1987, and relocated to Calgary, Alberta in 2002.  She has worked for a variety of private developers throughout Alberta, and has formed lasting relationships with them over the course of her career. 


Office, retail and residential buildings form the core of Caterina’s portfolio.  With over 25 years of experience with these project types, she is well versed in their governing principles, from residential unit design to office layouts and retail storefronts.  Caterina has also designed and completed mixed use projects in Alberta and South America, and is able to combine different use types into unified designs. 


Caterina has also developed productive working relationships with several municipal authorities in Alberta, notably the City of Calgary.  She approaches her permit applications with professionalism, and has an excellent track record in successfully obtaining permits in short timeframes.  She enjoys mentoring young designers and works well in a team environment.

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