Architect, AAA, MRAIC

Dipl. Arch. Tech., B.A., M.Arch


Hometown:                           Leslieville, Alberta

Higher Education:                University of Calgary – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

                                             SAIT - Calgary, Alberta


Daren received an Architectural Technology diploma from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (S.A.I.T.) in 2003.  Following graduation, he worked in the industry for 2 years before returning to the University of Calgary.  He received a Bachelor of Arts degree (Architecture & Art History Majors) in 2006 and a Master of Architecture degree in 2010.  During his studies he worked architecture firms in Calgary and Red Deer, gaining experience on a variety of project types as an Intern Architect.  In 2014 Daren completed his registration as an Architect in the province of Alberta.

Over the course of his career Daren has gained experience working with multi-disciplinary teams on projects that span various scales and sectors.  This experience includes work with custom single-family homes to urban master planning, commercial developments, mixed use buildings, senior and affordable housing projects.  He has also worked on governmental projects including health care, correctional and federal government owned facilities, post-secondary and primary school design, and multi-purpose community buildings.  Daren has been involved in many projects throughout Alberta both in urban, rural and remote locations.


Throughout his career Daren has demonstrated the ability to combine conceptual design thinking and a knowledge of current construction practices.  He leverages his abilities to deliver unique solutions that meet client needs.  With his strong technical background, he maintains an attitude towards design that is grounded in sound construction principles and building science.  Daren is a strong advocate for energy efficient, cost appropriate building design.  With each new project he strives to improve the quality and performance of our built environment.