Architectural Technologist

Dipl. Arch. Tech., B.A. Political Science


Hometown:                   Calgary, Alberta

Other Cities:                 Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

                                     London, Ontario, Canada

Higher Education:        SAIT - Calgary, Alberta

                                     University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta


David began working in the architectural field in Calgary in 2018 after completing his training to become an architectural technologist in Calgary.  Before entering SAIT for his architectural studies, David previously obtained a political science degree and worked in a variety of diverse fields.  He spent his youth in different locations across Canada from Ontario to British Columbia, further broadening his perspective.  


Like many in the architectural field, David has been intrigued by how buildings are put together from a young age.  Concepts that interest him include the balance between design features and functionality, and the way in which the planning of buildings influences the way in which people interact with them.  These conceptual interests spurred him to explore a career path in which he could explore how such concepts are resolved and translated into built projects.  By applying these interests to his architectural drafting, he seeks to ensure that the architect’s creative direction is applied in a logical and analytical manner.

As a recent graduate, David is fluent in the drafting programs of AutoCAD and Revit, as well as SketchUp and other rendering applications.  He is eager to continue to develop his expertise in these programs with Systemic by drawing and documenting various project types.