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Architectural Technologist

Dipl. Arch. Tech (A.T.)


Hometown:                   Lahore, Pakistan

Higher Education:        University of South Asia – Lahore, Pakistan

                                     SAIT - Calgary, Alberta


Masood graduated with a degree in Architecture & Design from the University of South Asia Pakistan in 2012. Soon after he started his professional career in the industry as a registered Architect in Lahore, Pakistan. In 2016 Masood relocated to Calgary, continued to pursue education in Architecture from SAIT in 2020, along side working for a variety of private clients in Alberta and Ontario.

Masood has previously built his career in residential work in Pakistan, where he designed and supervised the several residential projects. Moving to Canada gave him new opportunities and a new trajectory.  Now as an Architectural Technologist Masood has experience in two different countries and continues to hone his work ethic: he values being responsive to clients and is adept at providing solutions in a sensible and efficient manner. 

Masood has developed strong skills in computer aided design software, including AutoCad, Revit, Sketchup, Adobe Photoshop, Lumion and Enscape.  He enjoys creating renderings and realistic depictions of his projects.  

A valuable asset to Systemic, Masood is gaining experience in commercial and mixed-use projects to further round out his skill set. 

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