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Architect, AAA, AIBC,MRAIC


B.Sc. (Arch), M.Arch., M.Phil. (Cantab)


Hometown:                           Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Other Cities:                         Midland, Michigan, USA

                                             Montreal, Quebec, Canada

                                             Cambridge, United Kingdom

Higher Education:                McGill University – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

                                             University of Cambridge – Cambridge, United Kingdom

Jamie graduated both from McGill University and the University of Cambridge.  His education both in architecture and in criminology focused him on the design of urban environments.  He believes that the architectural design can be used as a tool to shape social development.  A background as a photographer and artist also contributes to his eye for design and composition.


One of Jamie’s primary interests within the design process is the incorporation of sound construction principles at the earliest stages of each project.  He believes that selection of a construction system and its skillful application should process hand-in-hand with the architectural expression of each building.  Jamie’s experience with a variety of building types has given him a high level of knowledge of construction systems such as pre-cast concrete, cast-in-place concrete, structural steel, and wood frame.


In terms of client types, Jamie has worked successfully both with private developers and not-for-profit groups.  His area of expertise lies in commercial, office and mixed-use projects.  Jamie has established productive working relationships with several different approving authorities in western Canada, and believes that dealing respectfully and honestly with government bodies is the best way to advance projects.


Jamie’s thesis for his 2003 Masters degree in criminology focused on critically evaluating various approaches to safe building design, including Defensible Space and CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design).  He is able to apply these principles to various project types.

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