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Senior Architectural Technologist

Dipl. Arch. Tech (B.D.T.)


Hometown:                           Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Other Cities:                         Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada

Higher Education:                SAIT – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Kellee graduated from SAIT in Calgary, Alberta in 1998 with a degree in Building Development and has worked as an architectural technologist in Calgary since that time. She has participated in numerous project types including residential, commercial, office, industrial and educational.


Kellee has represented Systemic Architecture on site as part of the Contract Administration phase, and enjoys interacting with contractors during construction.  She believes that getting on site is required in order to keep up to date with how buildings are actually constructed, and current trends in building science.  Her drawings demonstrate a high level of understanding of the manner in which different types of buildings are put together. 


Along with a strong determination to produce concise and well-coordinated drawings, Kellee is organized, resourceful and likes to tackle her work in a logical and sequential manner.

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