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Architect, AAA

Dipl. Arch. Tech., B.EDS, M.Arch.


Hometown:                           Hinton, Alberta, Canada

Other Cities:                         Southwest Region, South Korea

Higher Education:                NAIT – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

                                             Dalhousie University – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Tanner began working in the architectural field in Calgary in 2010 after completing study to become an architectural technologist in Edmonton.  His experience working in this role gave him insight into methods of construction and working drawing preparation.  After working for three years he returned to university to obtain a master’s degree in Architecture, which he received in 2017.

Tanner’s thesis examined how carefully researched design principles might be utilized in order to promote the inclusion of disabled students in public schools.  He studied these concepts on a site in Halifax, and posed a series of question about how architecture can help integrate special needs students into the classroom environment.  The sequential approach he used to identify and resolve issues is translatable to other projects, and fits well with Systemic’s values.  Tanner’s approach is very methodical, and he enjoys discussing generative concepts and the overall feel of a building while simultaneously resolving it on a technical level.  The creation of powerful and aesthetically pleasing design drawings is important to him.

Tanner’s prior experience as a technologist complements his education in architecture and gives him a well-rounded level of experience. His life experiences before his career in architecture are similarly diverse.  Prior to his architectural education Tanner spent two years as a missionary in South Korea.  The concepts of service, community and family are very important to him.

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