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Vincent KOCH

Architectural Technologist

Dipl. Arch. Tech (A.T.)


Hometown:                           Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Other Cities:                         Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

Higher Education:                SAIT – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

                                             University of Victoria (B.A.) - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Vincent spent the first 13 years of his career gaining experience in various trades within the Calgary construction industry. Entering the architectural field in 2018, Vincent brings a unique skillset to Systemic and is able to develop buildable solutions from years working on the other side of the drawings. Before joining Systemic in 2020, Vincent worked with a residential home builder in Calgary where he further developed his knowledge of the construction process, detailing, envelope design, and logistics. His fascination with architecture and design solutions can be traced back to an extensive travel history as a child, and remains an active passion today.


Prior to attending SAIT here in Calgary, Vincent graduated from the University of Victoria with a major in Art and Architectural History. He is fluent in a variety of drafting programs and 3D rendering aids including AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD, Sketchup , and illustrator.


Vincent is an avid car enthusiast, enjoys woodworking, home renovations, fitness, and any outdoor activities that involve a golf course. His favourite structure is the Chrysler Building in New York and most admires the work and historical impact of Louis Sullivan. In his time away from the office, Vincent loves visiting with family in Nova Scotia and spending time in Invermere, BC.

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