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Project Type:





Site Area:  

Building Count:

Calgary, Alberta

Multi-Building Commercial


Projected 2022-2023

Royop Development Corporation

8 149 square metres (87 7115 square feet)

34 722 square metres (8.6 acres)


The Shops at Carrington Green is a new-build commercial development designed to support the surrounding communities of Evanston, Sage Hills, Nolan Hill, Livingston and Panorama Hills.  Anchored by Loblaws, this shopping centre features a variety of smaller scale retailers in a series of ten satellite buildings.

Organizing principles for the site include two primary axes: a north/south high street, and an east/west pedestrian spine that terminates at the Loblaws front entrance.  The intersection of these two axes form a focal point of interest on the site.  Pedestrian connectivity throughout the site also links to the adjacent park lands to the south, providing a continuous pedestrian route through the site and into the adjacent communities.  Our client envisioned a development in which the pedestrian spaces were sufficiently developed to encourage shoppers to move between the storefronts on foot, rather than driving between individual storefronts.

Royop tasked Systemic with a creating a building presentation that aligned with its goals for exceptional placemaking as part of its corporate mandate.  This required Systemic to create a series of unique experiences within the shopping centre, and to provide a high level of detail that is evident and appreciated at the pedestrian level.  The stylistic direction requested by Royop was for a “contemporary country” aesthetic.  This presented challenges in terms of achieving the stylistic goals without becoming kitschy or utilizing overtly “traditional country” detailing.  To this end Systemic resolved a series of design elements anchored under traditional roof forms: these forms mix traditional board and batten wood and brick materials with modern glass storefronts.  Specific attention was given to the use of a limited amount of distressed wood in feature areas.  The resulting aesthetic balances these traditional cues with a modern, crisp commercial aesthetic.   

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