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Cardston County, Alberta

New Single Family Residence


Anticipated Summer 2021

Private Client

335 square metres (3 600 square feet)

This home is designed for a family of seven on a large tract of farmland in Cardston County.  It is intended to be able to withstand the rigours of farm life, its design exhibits many of characteristics of the quintessential farmhouse.


The main floor plan is simple and functional: at its heart, a generous entrance foyer serves as the primary traffic hub connecting all three levels with an open U-shape stair.  Upon entering the house, a direct view of the backyard is visible through the dining room, reinforcing a sense of place for the family and its guests.  The open staircase is also visible, clad with white tongue and groove wood boards and adorned with a simple black metal railing with thin pickets.  Efficiency and convenience is built into this centralized entrance foyer by connecting it to the garage through an adjacent mudroom. 


 The interior design is minimal, featuring hand hewn wood beams above the great room, which delineate an otherwise connected living room, dining room and kitchen.  High quality materials are used sparingly, but are propagated throughout the house for maximum visual effect.


The exterior aesthetic is traditional, with a careful balance between white and black elements.  Single hung black framed windows are set into white lap board and board and batten siding.  A black standing seam metal roof and soffit – with symmetrical dormers and wrap-around porches – caps the house providing a stark contrast to the exterior cladding.  

  Consider putting the word “Georgian” out front.


“A more traditional aesthetic is achieved by the use of ……..z

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