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Project Type:






Site Area:  

Calgary, Alberta

New Commercial Building

Building Permit

Anticipated 2023

Interloq Capital

Broadway Malyan

1 630 square metres (17 535 square feet)

3 660 square metres (0.9 acres)

‘The Corner’ makes good use of a formerly residual site at the northwest corner of the East Villlage.  The site’s triangular shape and location immediately beside the 5th Avenue flyover have resulted in it sitting vacant since the mid-2000s.  However, the immediate proximity to the Bow River pathway system and the overall redevelopment of the East Village into a vibrant mixed use community were compelling motivators to the redevelopment of this piece of land.

The site’s peculiar shape and size required an innovative solution.  For this project Systemic worked with renowned international architect Broadway Malyan as the conceptual designer.  Broadway Malyan and Interloq Capital were focused on maximizing the yield of the site area, leading to an equilateral triangle being chosen as the building shape.  This triangle is completely transparent on its north face, which fronts directly onto the Bow River.

The programming of the building will accommodate 4-7 restaurants of various sizes, each with frontage towards the river.  Some of the restaurant tenants are located adjacent to a common eating area, while others function as full-service sit-down restaurants.  The project owner sought to create a vibrant restaurant hub with a variety of food offerings.  Parking for the site will take place on a new vehicle forecourt located under the existing bridge structure. 

The exterior of the building follows the geometric theme established by the floor plan.  The west and south facades both feature an equilateral triangle motif.  The north façade is composed of a single glass plane that is bevelled into the face of the building.  At the northwest corner of the site the project includes a single monument sign that is also designed on a triangular basis.

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