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Site Area:   

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Edmonton, Alberta

New Industrial Shell


Anticipated August 2020

Mancal Corporation

Dawson Wallace Construction Ltd.

6 896 square metres (74 227 square feet)

21 031 square metres (5.1 acres)


This project is composed of two identical shell buildings placed at either end of a large industrial site that faces two streets. Design considerations for the site were influenced primarily by forecasted truck movements on and off the site. The size and orientation of the buildings were then required to work within this prescribed traffic flow. 

Each building is a mirrored replica of the other; and is composed of interior steel structure and exterior precast concrete shell. Three complimentary neutral colours were applied to the exterior precast panels in a logical manner, working within an ordered compositions of joints and reveals. Portions of these precast panels were designed to be removed and replaced with glazing in the event of future mezzanine space.  

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