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Leduc, Alberta

New Industrial Shell


Anticipated 2023

Mancal Corporation

Dawson Wallace Construction Ltd.

6 511 square metres (70 086 square feet)

18 629 square metres (1.9 hectares)


Our client for this project, a seasoned developer, requested that we provide an efficient design in terms of functionality and aesthetic quality.   For this reason, site layout, bay maximization, and use of modular material dimensions were a priority for this project.

Functionality of design is demonstrated in its three primary building systems: precast concrete sandwich panels, prefabricated insulated metal panels and structural steel.  Our challenge was to combine these systems, each with its own unique module of efficiency, into a cohesive whole.  This was done by first working with the precast panel layout to form the exterior walls; second, by working with the structural engineer to maximize efficiency in the structural steel grid; and finally, by simply applying the metal panels above the precast to complete the building shell.

The aesthetic quality of the design is achieved by maintaining a consistent horizontal datum across the entirety of the building.  This datum divides the building into a bottom third (precast concrete) and a top two thirds (insulated metal panels); and is broken only once at the centre of the street-fronting façade to feature the project identification signage.  This thirds concept is further developed in the textures of the insulated metal panels, which alternate in a similar one third / two thirds pattern.

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